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Huni Kuin • Mint

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Huni Kuin Mint - Rapé /
Huni Kuin Mint - Rapé /
Huni Kuin Mint - Rapé /

This powerful mint rapé is made by the Huni Kuin in the village of Novo Furturois.

The Huin Kuin believe the mint 'enters into the third eye, clearing the mind and opening the crown chakra', this leaves one feeling renewed and balanced.  Mint rapé also has a 'strong effect on the sinuses, opening up the lungs and the heart chakra.  It clears stuck energy in the chest and gently balances the heart chakra.'

The Huin Kuin also believe that this Rapé can be useful for maladapted behavioural patterns such as depression, sadness, grief, and/or loss.

For more information on rapé, please read my rapé page.

Ingredients: Rapé with Mint herb (BRAZIL)


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