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Kuntanawa • Jiboia Vine

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Kuntanawa Jiboia Vine - Rapeh / shamanicsupply.com
Kuntanawa Jiboia Vine - Rapeh / shamanicsupply.com

Cipó Jiboia rapeh is made by the Kuntanawa tribe of Brazil.

The Kuntanawa respectfully collect the vine of Cipó Jiboia from their local environment to create this special rapeh.

In their words, "The Jiboia is a sacred animal that is revealed through the power of plants.  For the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, it has its power concentrated in the Ayawaska and Jiboia cipó ( or vine).  The Kuntanawa people use it for several functions; as an incense to attract positive things, becoming invisible to dark energies (protection) as well as using the rapeh to open the field of spiritual sight and connection.  This rapeh is indicated for rituals with power plants to open understanding of spiritual visions."

There are many folks selling imitation rapeh, but this is the genuine article. Jiboia rapeh is made under the supervision of Haru Kuntanawa the tribal leader at the kuntamanã village and sent directly to us.

For more information on rapeh, please read my rapeh page.

Ingredients: Rapeh with Jiboia vine (BRAZIL)


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