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Nukini • Nukini

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Nukini • Nukini
Nukini • Nukini
Nukini • Nukini

Nukini rapeh (rapé) and Yawanawa Tsunu Forte have similar energies with Nukini being a lighter and more floral experience.  We consider it a very sublime experience. The Rapeh takes one upwards, bringing strength of focus, cleansing and connectionThe Nuquinis use this rapeh for rituals and ceremonies (with or without Ayahuasca) and for recreational use.  For example the Nuquinis love to take it when bathing in the river where a larger amount can cause cleansing through purgative effects.

The Nuquinis are a small community spread over several villages, they use rapeh for the same purposes as other tribes: to obtain clarity, healing and to mitagate stresses.

This smaller and less known tribe has endured a history of domination by other tribes in the area. There are very few documents that exist about them and it seems that few people have researched them. Their rapeh is rare and sought after, people appreciate it for being refreshing, having purity and a fine consistency.

This Nukini rapeh is traditionally made for us in the far west of the Brazilian state of Acre, more precisely the Nuquinis Indigenous Area by the spiritual leaders of the Nuquinis tribe.

For more information on rapeh (rapé), please read this page.

Other names: Nukini, Nuquinis, Gray

Ingredients: Coming soon. (BRAZIL)