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Kambo Cleanse • Self Application Course

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Kambo Self Application Course - Kambo Training /
Kambo Self Application Course - Kambo Training /
Kambo Self Application Course - Kambo Training /

The Self application course is designed for those who wish to develop a deeper personal relationship with Kambo. 

IMPORTANT: This course is only for those who have completed a 3-day Kambo Cleanse with Simon Scott or another qualified Katukina Kambo Provider and have been given permission to purchase it.  It can be added to any 3-day Cleanse as a 4th day or taken independently.


1 x Kambo Self Application PDF Study Course

1 x Katukina Kambo Powder • One gram

1 x Kambo Self Application Practicum (in person)

This course is a required part of becoming a qualified Katukina Kambo Provider.  This course in no way qualifies you to give Kambo to others. 

For more information about Kambo please read the KamboCleanse blog.


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