Nukini Rapé

Nukini • Onça

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Nukini • Onça Rapeh Nukini
Nukini • Onça Rapeh Nukini
Nukini • Onça Rapeh Nukini
Nukini • Onça Rapeh Nukini
Nukini • Onça Rapeh Nukini

Nukini Onça rapeh is strong, deep, and well-balanced. This sacrament is suitable for meditation and very useful for spiritual work, aligning itself with the sacred force of the jaguar, the protective animal of virgin forests, and Ayahuasqueiros (the shamans working with Ayawaska)

Nukini Onça before bed increases vivid dreaming and is an excellent partner for dream work. The quality and vividness of dreams, which may be "instigated" by this rapeh, are pretty different from those of the Mugwort; the latter has a more deep and darker tone.

This smaller and less known tribe spread over several villages has endured a history of domination by other tribes in the area. There are very few documents about them, and it seems that few people have researched them. Their rapeh is rare and sought after; people appreciate it for being refreshing and for its purity and fine consistency.

Our Nukini rapeh is traditionally made in the far west of the Brazilian state of Acre (Nuquinis Indigenous Area) by the spiritual leaders of the Nuquinis tribe.

Learn more about the Nukini Tribe. Learn more about the Ancient Art of Rapeh.


Ingredients: Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum), Pau Pereira bark & root (Platycyamus regnellii), Sabiá and botanically unidentified herbs (BRAZIL)

Other names: Nukini rapé, Nukini hapé, Nukini hapeh, Nukini snuff, Onça rapé, Onça hapé, Onça hapeh, Onça snuff