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Sananga, often referred to as Amazonian eye drops, is believed to enhance visual perception, clear negative energy, and promote profound focus and insight. Our Sananga collection includes the soothing Katukina blend, the balanced intensity of the Kuntanawa variant, and the powerful Yawanawá formulation. All of our Sananga products, authentically crafted by tribal artisans, are created in small batches to ensure unparalleled freshness.

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Sananga Eye Drops FAQ

What are Sananga Eye Drops?

Sananga Eye Drops are a traditional herbal preparation made from the Tabernaemontana sananho plant, commonly used by indigenous tribes in the Amazon rainforest. They are known for their healing power, having a spiritual and energetic impact that increases spiritual insight and visual perception. The intense burning sensation experienced during application is an important part of the healing process, helping to cleanse the eyes, mind, and spirit. Traditionally, Amazonian tribes use Sananga to sharpen their night vision for hunting and as a general tonic for visual perception and eye health.

How are Sananga Eye Drops used?

Generally, Sananga Eye Drops are applied as one drop per eye once per day. It is recommended to take Sananga for a period and then take a break to allow integration, for example, one week on and one week off. This protects their medicinal properties and prevents you from getting used to them. Experienced practitioners advise to breathe deeply to help with the intense burning sensation.

Is self-administration an option for Sananga Eye Drops?

Yes, simply add them yourself, preferably while sitting in a chair or lying down. Hold open one eye and apply the drop, then quickly move to the second eye. Due to the stinging, it's best to apply to both eyes quickly. If you are unsure, ask a friend to apply the drops for you.

Are Sananga Eye Drops Painful?

Sananga Eye Drops are known for their intense sensation after application. Over time, users become accustomed to this intense stinging, and it becomes easier to work with Sananga. Focusing on your intention, breathing deeply, and maintaining a clear focus can help manage the intensity and enhance the overall experience.

What are the long-term effects of using Sananga Eye Drops?

Over time, Sananga Eye Drops are believed to improve ocular diseases, visual perception, increase focus, and heighten awareness. Some users report improved eyesight test results and the improvement of their astigmatism when visiting their ophthalmologist. The tribes report enhanced visual perception, including improved night vision and color perception, which is their primary use for Sananga during hunting.

Are Sananga Eye Drops safe?

Sananga Eye Drops are generally considered safe if used in moderation: once a day for stronger Sanangas and 2-3 times a day for weaker ones. It is important to ensure the quality and freshness of the Sananga and to take breaks.

Can Sananga Eye Drops be used for spiritual purposes?

Yes, Sananga Eye Drops are known to aid in cleansing, grounding, and connecting with higher states of consciousness. They are perfect for meditation, introspection, or generally helping with awareness. Due to their ability to help with connection, some users report an improvement in their depression.

Are there any contraindications for using Sananga Eye Drops?

People with contact lenses should remove them before using Sananga Eye Drops; wait at least half an hour after finishing with Sananga before replacing your contact lenses. Individuals with certain eye conditions or sensitivities should exercise caution when using Sananga Eye Drops. If in doubt, please consult with a healthcare professional before using them.

Do Sananga Eye Drops have any side effects?

Sananga Eye Drops can cause temporary eye discomfort, tearing, redness, and sensitivity to light. Occasionally, Sananga can cause discharge. These effects are normal and usually subside after a short period of time. Ensure that you do not drive or use machinery for at least an hour after using Sananga.

Where can I purchase Sananga Eye Drops?

Sananga Eye Drops can be purchased from various online retailers or specialized stores that offer traditional plant medicines. Ensure you’re sourcing fresh Sananga from reputable suppliers such as

How can I best work with Sananga Eye Drops?

Choose a time when you are not rushed, in a quiet place with subdued light. After application, keep your eyes closed. Lie down or sit comfortably, breathe deeply, and focus on your breath. Only open your eyes once you feel it is easy to do so. Stay focused and look for clarity and guidance; keep a diary of what you receive.

Does Sananga come in different strengths?

Yes, each tribe makes their Sananga differently, resulting in variations in strength. Some types are more intense, while others are more manageable, especially for beginners. If you wish to build up to using stronger Sananga, it is recommended to start with a weaker preparation.

Can I use Sananga Eye Drops after eye surgery?

It is best to wait until you have fully healed from eye surgery before using Sananga Eye Drops. Please consult your eye doctor or ophthalmologist.

Can Sananga Eye Drops help with glaucoma and cataracts?

There is no scientific evidence that Sananga Eye Drops treat or prevent ocular diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, farsightedness, nearsightedness, or blindness. There is anecdotal evidence suggesting that some people have improved their eye health with Sananga Eye Drops.

Freshly harvested Tabernaemontana sananho root, ready for making sananga eye drops.
Freshly harvested Tabernaemontana sananho root, ready for making Sananga Eye Drops