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Kuntanawa • Sacred Sananga

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Kuntanawa Sacred Sananga - Sananga /
Kuntanawa Sacred Sananga - Sananga /
Kuntanawa Sacred Sananga - Sananga /
Kuntanawa Sacred Sananga - Sananga /
Kuntanawa Sacred Sananga - Sananga /

The Kuntanawa make this healing Sananga with water from a jungle spring.  The location of the spring is guarded and it is considered a sacred place.  The Sacred Sananga offers gentler healing and is a more moderate experience to the Yawanawá Golden Sananga.

Sananga operates on two energetic aspects of healing: physical and spiritual.  The active principle of Sananga is Ibogaine, a powerful substance that acts directly on the original cause of diseases.

The spirit of Sananga checks for imbalanced energy patterns and dilutes the forces that constitute panemas (spiritual and/or psychosomatic diseases).  After the Sananga process a state of balance is achieved leaving us more in tune with the forces of nature.  Spiritual visual expands as well as there being a significant improvement in ocular physiology.  Sananga is known to facilitate introspection and meditation, and as a strong stimulant and aphrodisiac.

There are cases of people who have been cured of myopia with regular application, and some show an immediate and significant improvement in color perception and the definition of images.  In the urban context, Sananga increases our ability to perceive people's intentions and helps us to take advantage opportunities, it broadens our senses and long-range vision.

Sananga has been known to help with: glaucoma, cataract, myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia, dystrophy, color blindness, amblyopia, dry eye, photophobia, presbyopia, keratoconus and chronic headaches.

Sananga is a shrub from the Amazonian region known to the Kaxinawás Indians of the state of Acre as Mana Heîns, a name originating from the Huni Kuin dialect and by the Yawanawa as Kanapã Vetxe Shuti.


7ml size yields approximately 78 drops, 13ml 156 drops.

Please keep your Sananga refrigerated.  Shake well prior to use.

Ingredients:  Water, Sananga (Tabernaemontana sananho) & preservative Nano-Colloidal Silver.