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Katukina • Mulateiro

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Katukina Mulateiro - Rapeh /
Katukina Mulateiro - Rapeh /
Katukina Mulateiro - Rapeh /

The Katukina consider Mulateiro a powerful ally when performing a deep cleansing of unwanted energies. Mulateiro is known to quiet the mind of unwanted thoughts and to leave one feeling more peaceful. Removing negativity and blocks can lead to a strong feeling of rapture.

Mulateiro rapeh is lovingly made for us by the Katukina tribe of Acre, Brazil. 

Learn more about the Katukina Tribe. Learn more about the Ancient Art of Rapeh.


Ingredients: Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum), Mulateiro (Myristica fragans), Pau Pereira (Platycyamus regnellii) (BRAZIL)

Other names: Katukina rapé, Katukina hapé, Katukina hapeh, Katukina snuff, Mulateiro rapé, Mulateiro hapé, Mulateiro hapeh, Mulateiro snuff.