Aikanã • Sangre De Grado

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Aikanã • Sangre De Grado Herb Aikanã
Aikanã • Sangre De Grado Herb Aikanã
Aikanã • Sangre De Grado Herb Aikanã
Aikanã • Sangre De Grado Herb Aikanã
Aikanã • Sangre De Grado Herb Aikanã

This beautiful wild-crafted Sangre De Grado is made from the sap of the Grado tree by the Aikanā People. When the Grado's trunk is scored, a lush, dark red resin flows out as if the tree were bleeding, thus the name translates as 'Blood of the Grado' (in the West it is commonly known as Dragon’s Blood).

The sap and bark of the Grado tree has a long history of use by indigenous peoples of the Amazon rainforest. This natural sap is used to address skin problems, to stop bleeding, to speed healing, and to protect wounds from infection.  For example, a drop or two is applied to a cut or scrape and then rubbed until it forms a barrier, much like a 'second skin'.  Sangre De Grado can be used after a Kambo ceremony to treat the skin openings or after your child has scraped up their knees avoiding the use of a Bandaid.  It can also be used for general mouth health and for female intimate hygiene. 

Internally the tribes use Sangre De Grado for mouth, stomach and intestinal ulcers, intestinal fevers and inflamed, receding or infected gums, vaginal baths immediately after childbirth.

Aikanã is the name of one of the approximately forty indigenous peoples that inhabit the state of Rondônia, mainly in the well-known region of Guaporé, in the so-called 'lowlands' of the Amazon.

Other Names: Sangre De Drago, Dragon's Blood, Water Bleed, Croton Sap

Contraindication: Do not use internally during pregnancy and lactation. Avoid using if you have leukemia.
13ml yields approximately 156 drops.
Store in a cool, dark place this will keep for a year or more. Shake well prior to use. Caution: This sap will stain your clothing.
Ingredients: Grado Sap (Croton Lechleri) - 100% pure and natural.