Aikanã • Dragon's Blood

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Aikanã • Dragon's Blood
Aikanã • Dragon's Blood
Aikanã • Sangre De Grado Herb Aikanã
Aikanã • Sangre De Grado Herb Aikanã
Aikanã • Sangre De Grado Herb Aikanã
Aikanã • Sangre De Grado Herb Aikanã

This premium Dragon's Blood is 100% pure and sustainably collected by the Aikanã Peoples by traditional methods.

Dragon's Blood (or Sangre de Grado) has many uses, from Oral Health to First Aid to Beauty routines

Dragon's Blood is lovingly made for us by the Aikanã of Rondônia, Brazil. Learn more about the Aikanã People.

Store in a cool, dark place this will keep for a year or more. Shake well prior to use. Caution: This sap will stain your clothing.
Ingredients: 100% Grado Sap (Croton lechleri)(Brazil)

Dragon's Blood

What is Dragon's Blood (or Sangre de Grado)?

Dragon's Blood is popular and widely used in Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador; it is the tree sap of the Dragon's Blood Tree or, more appropriately, a species of Dracaena tree (Croton lechleri).

Dragon's Blood is rich in medicinal compounds, and research has revealed that it is anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and analgesic. Remarkably, Dragon's Blood is also cytophylactic (meaning it protects the 'cells of the organism' and stimulates new cell growth).

Scaring the Dragon's Blood tree
  • Scaring the Dragon's Blood tree
The red sap of the Dragon's Blood tree
  • The red sap of the Dragon's Blood tree

What are the uses of Dragon's Blood?

The blood-red sap of Dragon's Blood has been used in folk medicine for fractures, wounds, inflammation, gastrointestinal disorders, rheumatism, blood circulation dysfunctions, and cancer. (1),(2),(3),(4),(5)

Dragon's Blood and First Aid

Dragon's Blood is commonly used to stop bleeding, heal burns, and prevent wounds from becoming infected. After the correct application Dragon's Blood creates a 'second skin' which protects against infectious agents, dust, and bacteria. Taspine and dimethylcedrusine present in Dragon's Blood speed healing and help to regenerate skin cells. Consider Dragon's Blood a 'liquid Band-Aid' and an excellent addition to any first aid kit. Kids love it, as it is fun to apply and generally only stings a little.

Dragon's Blood and Oral Health

Dragon's Blood makes an excellent addition to your oral health routine. The anti-infectious properties of this sap work against tartar, gingivitis, bleeding gums, inflammation in the mouth (mouth ulcers), thrush, and cavities. To use it, add a few drops to your toothpaste or massage it into your gums. You may also add it to water to make an effective mouth wash or gargle. It is generally considered safe for both people and pets.

Dragon's Blood and Beauty

Try incorporating Dragon's Blood into your beauty routines. Dragon's Blood will leave your skin feeling hydrated and regenerated. You can make a daily anti-wrinkle creme by combining 100g of natural skin cream with 30 drops of Dragon's Blood and 20 drops of Frankincense essential oil. Using Dragon's Blood this way is an excellent hedge against the signs of premature skin aging.

You may also apply Dragon's Blood to your face before applying makeup (use circular movements for better absorption). It tightens skin and offers some protection against UV rays and the aging effects of sun exposure.

Dragon's Blood stimulates the production of collagen and is, therefore, an effective anti-wrinkle treatment. Dragon's Blood also improves acne, stretch marks, scars, keloids, and sun-damaged skin. 

Summary of Dragon's Blood Uses


First Aid

  • Use Dragon's Blood on cuts and scrapes to stop bleeding, create a 'protective skin,' and prevent infection. Consider Dragon's Blood for relief from sunburn, redness, ulcers, burns, and bites. Dragon's Blood will speed the healing and the regeneration of new skin.

Oral Health

Use Dragon's Blood as part of your oral health routine. The anti-infectious properties of Dragon's Blood are effective against many mouth conditions.


Dragon's Blood will leave your skin feeling hydrated and regenerated while providing some protection against UV rays and the aging effects of sun exposure. Dragon's Blood will repair and strengthen collagen fibers in your skin, firming and plumping it naturally.


  • Apply Dragon's Blood to bites or cuts to speed healing and prevent infection. Dragon's Blood is safe and beneficial if licked

How we source our Dragon's Blood

  • The mighty Croton lechleri or Dragon's Blood tree.

Shamanic Supply's Dragon's Blood is sustainably harvested in the lowlands of the Amazon by the Aikanā People. It is both potent and fresh, carrying the energies of the plant spirit and medicine makers.

Aikanã is the name of one of the approximately forty indigenous peoples that inhabit the state of Rondônia, mainly in the well-known region of Guaporé, in the so-called 'lowlands' of the Amazon.

When you choose to support traditional medicine makers' you help them maintain their cultures; therefore, your purchase supports the transmission of generational knowledge.

Please be discerning about who made your medicine and the pedigree of their knowledge; this will serve you greatly.

Dragon's Blood FAQ

How do I apply Dragon's Blood to a cut?

Add a drop or two of Dragon's Blood to the affected area and rub it into the skin. After a short time, it will begin to foam and change to a lighter color. After a minute or two, the foam sets, creating a natural Bandaid of protection and healing. Pro tip: Kid's love Dragon's Blood.

Does Dragon's Blood have other names?

Many cultures use Dragon's Blood, so it has several names; Sangre de Grado, Sangre de Drago, Water Bleed, Dragon's Blood Sage, Dragon's Blood Incense, and Croton Sap are a few.

Can I use Dragon's Blood for oral health?

Yes, add a drop or two of Dragon's Blood to your toothpaste before brushing your teeth.
You may also add Dragon's Blood to water to create a refreshing anti-bacterial gargle with astringent properties.

How long will my Dragon's Blood last?

We receive regular shipments, so your Dragon's Blood will be fresh by the time you receive it. Expect your Dragon's Blood to last at least 12 months if stored in a cool, dark place.

Is Dragon's Blood appropriate after receiving Kambô?

Yes, Dragon's Blood is ideal for applying to the skin after a Kambô ceremony. It protects and speeds the healing of the 'gates' or openings. It is also known to reduce scarring.