Katukina • Xamã

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Katukina Xamã - Rapé / Shamanicsupply.com
Katukina Xamã - Rapé / Shamanicsupply.com
Katukina • Xamã

This rapé is made by Hushonawa (or Levi as we know him) the main Katukina ayahuasca shaman.  On a recent visit, he promised to make us something very special and here it is.

He has combined the properties of Txuno, Shono, Txaskō, Manarono Ichi and Aka Poto with much prayer and in a special healing ceremony.  

Pictured is Levi and his son who is in training to become a shaman.  He stands next to a mightly Ayahuasca vine.

Consider this rapé only for ceremonial use and in small amounts. 

There are so many folks selling imitations, but this is not one of them, this rapé is sent directly from the Katukina tribe who lovingly make it in the Acre region of Brazil. 

For more information on rapé, please read my rapé page.

Ingredients: Rapé with Txuno, Shono, Txaskō, Manarono Ichi and Aka Poto (BRAZIL)


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