Kuntanawa • Samauma

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Kuntanawa • Samauma
Kuntanawa Tribesman
Samauma Tree
The Amazon - Gregório River

This lovely rapé is made by the Kuntanawa tribe of Brazil and is very strong and good for ceremonial use

This rapé is considered very grounding due to the majestic energies of the Samauma tree.  The Samauma tree is often considered the spiritual father of the forest, the pivotal energy to which all other life yields.  In some tribes, women and children are advised not to be around this mighty tree without a male protector. Traditional stories speak of disappearances associated with the spirit of the Samauma tree.

To learn more about rapé please read this article.

Also please consider this moving article by Haru Kuntanawa and Ysani Kalapalo.

Ingredients: N. Rustica, Samauma Tree Ash (BRAZIL)


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