Yawanawá • Golden Sananga Eye Drops

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Yawanawá • Golden Sananga Eye Drops
Yawanawá • Golden Sananga Eye Drops

Yawanawá Golden Sananga Eye Drops: This potent Sananga extract is prepared by the Yawanawá tribe, using the juice of the Tabernaemontana sananho plant's stem and root. Best for those seeking a robust experience, this formula helps increase perception and intuition and allows deeper access to spiritual insights, facilitating a more precise and profound relationship with the higher self.

Explore the many benefits of using sananga eye drops.

Read other people's experiences with sananga eye drops.


The 9ml size is an excellent choice for individual use. With approximately 210 drops per bottle, this size provides around a four-month supply. If you're planning to share, we recommend our larger 15ml bottle, which contains roughly 350 drops, perfect for two users.

To maintain optimal freshness and potency: Store your Sananga eye drops in the refrigerator. For quality assurance, please use or discard the product within four months of opening.

Please note: the product image shown is for illustration purposes only. Due to natural and seasonal variations, the color of your Sananga drops may vary from batch to batch, reflecting the authentic, organic nature of our ingredients.

Ingredients: Water, Sananga (Tabernaemontana sananho) & preservative Nano-Colloidal Silver.


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Sananga Eyedrops - The Ultimate Visionary Experience

Discover Sananga Eyedrops - Your Path to a Clearer Vision and a Balanced Life

If you're looking for a natural solution to help you combat issues like blurry vision, low energy levels, and a clouded mind, I would like to introduce you to Sananga Eyedrops.

Sananga Eyedrops are an all-natural solution that have been used for generations in the Amazonian region to promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Unlike invasive treatments or synthetic chemicals, Sananga Eyedrops work in harmony with your body to help you achieve inner balance and enhanced perception, without any negative side effects.

This traditional Amazonian remedy is made from the root of the Tabernaemontana undulata plant, which is renowned for its powerful healing properties. When used as directed, Sananga Eyedrops can help to sharpen your vision, increase your energy levels, and clear your mind, allowing you to feel more focused and productive throughout the day.

In addition to its physical benefits, Sananga Eyedrops can also help to promote a deeper connection with the world around you, helping you to feel more centered and in tune with your surroundings. It's the perfect solution for anyone who is looking to enhance their overall sense of well-being and achieve greater clarity in their life.

So if you're tired of living in a fog and with low energy levels, give Sananga Eyedrops a try today. Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you for it!

The Power of Ancient Wisdom: Unlock the Secrets of the Amazon Rainforest

Sananga Eyedrops are derived from the roots and bark of the Sananga plant, which has been revered by indigenous tribes of the Amazon Rainforest for its remarkable healing properties. By harnessing the ancient wisdom of these tribes, Sananga Eyedrops deliver a potent blend of natural compounds that generally enhance vision, mental clarity, and overall well-being. 

Our customers report numerous benefits of Sananga Eyedrops, including their ability to:

  • Improve visual acuity and clarity (even nightvision)
  • Enhance focus and concentration
  • Boost mood and energy levels
  • Support immune system function
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Promote spiritual growth and self-awareness

By integrating Sananga Eyedrops into your daily routine, you can experience transformative benefits that extend far beyond just your vision.

100% Natural and Sustainably Sourced: A Safe and Responsible Choice

Experience the authentic power of our Sananga Eyedrops, meticulously crafted by skilled tribal artisans utilizing sustainably-harvested Sananga roots. Our dedication to quality and purity guarantees a safe, effective, and eco-conscious product that nurtures both your well-being and Mother Earth. By choosing our Sananga Eyedrops, you become an integral part of a holistic approach that supports environmental conservation and empowers indigenous communities.

Our potent, fresh Sananga Eyedrops are carefully sealed in glass bottles and preserved with a gentle Colloidal silver solution, ensuring that the potency and purity remain uncompromised.

Discover Your Optimal Strength: Three Options to Choose From

We offer Sananga from three different tribes, each freshly supplied for an authentic experience. For beginners or multiple daily use, try the gentle Katukina Root Bark Sananga. For a stronger experience, choose the Kuntanawa's Sacred Sananga, and for the ultimate and strongest experience, try Yawanawá Golden Sananga eyedrops.

How to Use Sananga Eyedrops for Maximum Results

Simple and Easy-to-Follow Application

Integrating Sananga Eyedrops into your daily routine is a straightforward and effortless process. Simply follow these steps:

  • Gently shake the bottle to mix the solution evenly.
  • Apply one drop of Sananga to each eye using a sterile dropper, taking care to avoid contact with the eyes (remove contact lenses beforehand and refrain from wearing them for an hour after use).
  • Close your eyes, allowing the Sananga Eyedrops to take effect. A strong stinging sensation may occur, but rest assured, it's normal and will fade in a minute or two. If the experience feels intense, take deep, slow breaths and focus your attention on your abdomen; placing your hands there may also help.
  • Take a moment to lie back and unwind, giving yourself the opportunity to process and embrace the experience. Ensure you allocate some personal time instead of rushing back to your activities. Open your eyes only once you feel clear of the experience.

After using Sananga Eyedrops, you may experience immediate enhancements in vision and mental clarity. For the best results, we suggest incorporating the Sananga Eyedrops into your daily routine, taking short breaks every few weeks to maintain its effectiveness.

Complement Your Journey with Mindfulness Practices

To truly unlock the full potential of Sananga Eyedrops, consider incorporating mindfulness practices such as meditation, yoga, or deep breathing exercises into your daily routine. These practices can help you develop a stronger mind-body connection and enhance the benefits of Sananga Eyedrops, allowing you to achieve even greater levels of inner balance and clarity.

Real-Life Success Stories: Transformations with Sananga Eyedrops

Experience the Life-Changing Benefits for Yourself

Countless individuals across the globe have discovered the remarkable benefits of Sananga Eyedrops. Below are a few testimonials from our valued customers who have shared their experiences:

"These Sananga eye drops are stellar! Sananga clears my mental fog and brings clarity and intuition into laser-sharp focus." - Nate Lennon
"After using Sananga eye drops, my nervous system becomes electrified. I experience more grounding, clarity and my heart feels more open to the present moment. With gratitude, I thank thee." - Gene Holden
"Thank you! I've been working with your light and medium Sanangas for the past month. I'm noticing many benefits! I'm able to see my habitual illusions much more clearly and release old stuck emotions." - Jared Green
"Sananga eye drops have helped my overall health and my vision. Objects are more focused, mind more at ease, and energetic after the euphoric sensation of administering the drops. " - Noah Gray

For additional positive feedback, please click here to explore more testimonials from our satisfied customers.

Take the First Step Towards a Clearer Vision and a Balanced Life Today

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Seize this opportunity to enhance your vision, mental clarity, and overall well-being. Use the code SANANGA15 at checkout to start enjoying the benefits of Sananga Eyedrops today. This coupon has no expiration date, but it is limited to one use per customer. We appreciate your support.