Yawanawá • Tsunu

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Yawanawá • Tsunu
The Yawanawá at festival time
Yawanawá elders
The Amazon - Gregório River
Mature Tsunu Tree
Tsunu in Flower
Young Tsunu Tree

Tsunu (or Txunú) rapé is made by the Yawanawá tribe of Brazil.  Tsunu is very much about 'alignment', it is believed to balance the energies in the body, therefore 'unlocking blocked energies' and a pajé (or medicine man) would often choose Tsunu to 'ward off evil spirits'.

In the Amazonian herbal tradition, Tsunu is often chosen to help with a migraine, influenza, sinusitis, rhinitis, aid poor digestion, constipation and fever.

This Tsunu rapé
 is a milder version of the stronger Yawanawá Tsunu Forte variety.  It is very nice to use this rapé prior to a meditation.  

There are many folks selling pale imitations, but this is not one of them.  Tsunu rapé makes its way from the Yawanawá village, down the Gregório river and is sent directly to us by the tribe.

To learn more about rapé please read this article.

Ingredients: Rapé with Tsunu tree ash (BRAZIL)


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