Keep in mind that we measure each bottle of our rapeh by weight and not volume. You'll rarely see a recipe asking for a "cup of oil" because oils have different densities. Similarly, some rapehs are heavier than others, so we use the weight of rapeh to maintain consistency and fairness.

Here is an example of five different rapehs measured to a 1/2oz (14.2 grams). Notice how the bottles on the left have more volume because the rapeh inside is lighter? The bottles on the right contain heavier rapeh, so they have less volume, but all contain 1/2oz.
From left to right, each bottle filled with 1/2oz (14 grams) of Nunu, Ayawaska, Osha, Tsunu Forte, and Xiti.

Below is a general guide to the difference between weight and volume and what it means when purchasing our products

Weight: To determine the weight, we measure the heaviness or mass of the item on a scale. Our rapeh sells by weight, so you receive the same amount every time you order. Examples of products sold by weight at Shamanic Supply are rapeh and Kambô Powder.

Volume: Volume is the amount of space that an item you are measuring takes up. It's a standard measurement in food recipes and recipes where ratios are more important than precision. Examples of products sold by volume at Shamanic Supply are Sananga, Palo Santo Oil, and Dragon's Blood