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Premium Dragon’s Blood

Premium Dragon’s Blood

Resin of Remedies*

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  • Authentic Indigenous Product
  • 100% Pure. No Alcohol Added
  • Sustainably Harvested

Aikanã Dragon's Blood, also known as Sangre de Grado, offers a multitude of benefits. Sourced using traditional methods, this 100% pure sap product is sustainably collected to ensure its continued availability.

Imbued with antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties, Dragon's Blood serves multiple uses. From enhancing your beauty routine to serving as a first-aid essential, the Dragon's Blood benefits are far-reaching. Notably, it plays a significant role in both natural skin and oral health care. To learn more, read our The Benefits of Dragon's Blood article.

Our Dragon's Blood sap is procured with care by the Aikanã of Rondônia, Brazil, ensuring its authenticity and quality. To delve deeper into the culture that brings you this amazing product, learn more about the Aikanã people.

Caution: Some Dragon's Blood products contain alcohol and may lead to irritation and undesired drying of the skin. We advise against using any products that are not 100% pure Dragon's Blood on your skin or in your mouth.


100% Grado Sap (Croton lechleri) (Brazil)

Related Names

Sanguis draconis, Dracaena resin, Xuejie, Sangre de Grado, Sangre de Drago

Taking Care of your Dragons Blood

Store Dragon's Blood in a cool, dark place. Keep your glass bottle, airtight to shield it from air and humidity. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent UV damage.

What is Dragon's Blood?

Dragon's Blood Incense is a unique, fragrant substance sourced from the red sap or resin of the Dragon's Blood Tree, more specifically a species of Dracaena tree called Croton lechleri. It has been used for centuries across various cultures and spiritual practices for its purported healing, protective, and energy-clearing properties. Discover more in 'The Benefits of Dragon's Blood' - a detailed account of its therapeutic applications.

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Dragon's Blood FAQ

Is dragon's blood safe to use?

When used externally and in small amounts, dragon's blood is generally safe. But ingesting large amounts may cause side effects like nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps, etc. It's best to consult an expert before consuming it.

What are the uses of dragon's blood?

Dragon's blood has been used since ancient times for many purposes. Some of the main uses include: As a pigment and dye for art, fabrics, cosmetics, writing ink, etc. due to its vivid red color. As medicine and in rituals - it was believed to have healing, protective and magical properties. As varnish and lacquer to coat pottery and violins. As incense and in rituals for its fragrant smoke.

Does Dragon's Blood have other names?

Many cultures use Dragon Blood's, so it has several names; Sangre de Grado, Sangre de Drago, Water Bleed, Dragon Blood Sage, Dragon Blood Incense, Dragon Blood Resin and Croton Sap to name a few.

Can I use Dragon's Blood for oral health?

Yes, add a drop or two of Dragon Blood to your toothpaste before brushing your teeth.
You may also add Dragon Blood to water to create a refreshing anti-bacterial gargle with astringent properties.

Is Dragon Blood appropriate after receiving Kambô?

Yes, Dragon Blood is ideal for application to the skin after a Kambô ceremony. It possesses potent wound-healing properties that safeguard and accelerate the recovery of the "gates" or openings. Additionally, it is recognized for its ability to minimize scarring.

How long will my Dragon Blood last?

We receive regular shipments, so your Dragon Blood will be fresh by the time you receive it. Expect your Dragon Blood to last at least 12 months if stored in a cool, dark place.

Is Dragon Blood safe for dogs?

Dragon's Blood is a natural sap with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and wound-healing properties that can help promote faster healing, reduce inflammation, and prevent infection in dogs. It contains taspine, which stimulates the production of collagen, a key protein involved in wound healing. It also forms a protective barrier over the wound, reducing itching and promoting faster healing. Dragon Blood is a safe and natural option for treating minor cuts and wounds in dogs, but if the wound is serious, it's important to seek the advice of a veterinarian.

Do I use Dragon Blood like essential oils?

No, Dragon Blood is not typically used in the same way as essential oils. While both Dragon Blood and essential oils have aromatic properties, Dragon's Blood is primarily used as a resin or incense for spiritual and ceremonial purposes, whereas essential oils are commonly used in aromatherapy.

How is dragon's blood resin obtained?

The resin is obtained by cutting or injuring the stems of the plants. The red sap or latex that bleeds out is then collected and dried into resin chunks or powder.

What are the key properties and benefits of dragon's blood?

It is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, analgesic, and astringent. It helps stop bleeding, heal wounds, and soothe skin. It also has anti-cancer potential.

How do I apply Dragon Blood to a cut?

Add a drop or two of Dragon Blood to the affected area and rub it into the skin. After a short time, it will begin to foam and change to a lighter color. After a minute or two, the foam sets, creating a natural Bandaid of protection and healing. Pro tip: Kid's love Dragon Blood.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Natasha (Saint Paul, US)
Quality products!

The dragons blood is good quality and quantity for the money. I also have purchased sananga from here that I love.

Matt G. (Charlotte, US)
Incredibly good.

This is my first time trying dragon's blood and I'm pleasantly surprised! I combine it with copaiba balsam oil, copaiba essential oil (that I purchased from Shamanic Supply), boswellic acid, frankincense (Boswellia sacra), and DMSO to make an insanely potent topical for pain management.

Erik Jacobson (Moscow, US)
Deep Healing

The Dragon’s Blood available from Shamanic Supply is of the highest quality. I’ve been using Dragon’s Blood in various ways for about a decade. Initially I used it for cuts and scrapes. It worked great on healing my dad’s incision wounds after they dug a cancer lesion out of the back of his hand. It works for this kind of thing better than anything else I’ve experienced. I tried to use it internally to heal some of the funny stuff going on in my gut but it would always make me feel a bit “off” and I got discouraged and stopped after several attempts. But when Shamanic Supply started carrying Dragon’s Blood I decided to try it and also try it internally again. I add a few drops to some tea or water before bed and drink it. I have none of the nausea issues I had with other brands of this this medicine. My gut is feeling quite a bit better. I’m impressed with all the products that I’ve tried from Shamanic Supply, and am a big fan of the Sananga, too.


I tried the dragon blood on open cuts and sores and it helping to heal them

Tomonori Hayakawa (Tokumaru, JP)
Great antioxidant power

I applied Dragon's Blood to the wound. It was very stained at first, but it recovered quickly.

I can't live without it!

Marci Macedo (Orange Park, US)

Dragon Blood

Micah B (Denver, US)
Thank you

I haven't really had a chance to put it to use but all the product I ordered from you is quality so far. Thank you for good and prompt service and I will continue to order rapé, sananga and try other products from your catalog. Thanks

Angela Morgan (Terrebonne, US)
Wound healer

I was surprised by the healing properties of dragon's blood. We put it on all of our wounds and it quickened the healing process.

Miranda Flores (North Las Vegas, US)
Great and easy experience

4 different Rapehs, 2 Sanangas and 2 Dragon's Blood awesome products and shipments, I'm a very happy Client. Thank you Shamanic Supply