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At Shamanic Supply, we are deeply committed to delivering exceptional customer service and providing authentic, potent tribal sacraments. Our dedication is rooted in the genuine quality of our products and the enriching experiences they offer. We invite you to explore the experiences shared by our customers, as their stories reflect the unique and profound impact of our offerings. For a deeper understanding of our values and the guidance we provide, please visit our values and guidance page. Trust Shamanic Supply for fresh and genuine tribal sacraments, and embark on a journey of spiritual and cultural enrichment.
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Angela Hewerdine (Columbia, US)

Such an interesting feel and look to this one. I particularly enjoyed it!

Nic (Kowloon City, HK)
Love this rapeh!

Very smooth, soft!

Spiritual Exploration Trio
April Lipatan (Glenwood Springs, US)
Ayawaska Vine Light

I've been seeing so much light and feeling so much love ever since I've started with the Spiritual Exploration Trio. I love connecting with all the different hapé types. These are high quality and hand crafted hapés. You can definitely feel that they were created with sacred intentions!

Sophia Simo (Mesa, US)

Love it, always puts a smile on my face and it is grounding. This is one of my favorites.

Tsunu Forte
Dan (Denver, US)

Very high quality and made me relax and reflect.. Quick shipping too, will definitely order again!!

Austin Evans (Katy, US)
Great for aetting intentions for an internal focused meditation

Love it. Thanks

Rosa Blanca
Jimmy Free (Portland, US)

We usually prefer Yawanawa Forte for it’s potent hit but this white rose was every bit as strong. We enjoyed it very much.

Love the energy and clarity it gives me.

I’ve tried this before hikes or exercise, and it’s an excellent motivator. This one gets my attention, gets me focused. Would love to know what it can be blended with for a more euphoric lift before a deep meditation.

Thanks for your review. I understand you'd like to experiment a little with blending; why not look at Bobinsana? It may work well for you.

Ayawaska Vine
Margaret Mayer (Carver, US)
Really Peace inducing

This hape is calming and centering, really great stuff

Sananga Eye Drops
George Wellmaker (Graham, US)

Perfect. Just what I ordered and arrived in a few days.

Tsunu Forte
Jennifer L (Taftville, US)
Connecting and Grounding

This medicine helps me connect to my intuition in a profound way.

Ayawaska Vine
Marie (New York, US)
Beautiful for meditation

It's a beautiful hapè that grounds me into meditation to come back to center. It's one of my favorite hapès!

Calm & Clarity Trio
April Lipatan (Glenwood Springs, US)

Iutikawa is a very powerful hapé for relaxing the nervous system and has brought me potent calm and healing within myself in times where I feel stressed.

Juju Glosserman (Boulder, US)
Deep and expansive

Kawakaya is a beautiful compliment to my meditation practice. It is both enlivening and centering and supports my sensitivity to flow of energy in my body/field. Thank you!

Big Bear (Longmont, US)
Better than I could have imagined!

I've had a relationship with Osha for a few years now and was thrilled to discover this hape. Sure enough, it's a powerful combination! Opens me right up in a deep and refreshing way. Recommend especially to people in the Rocky Mountain region, its native habitat.

Sananga Eye Drops
TBIRDT (Brooklyn, US)
Not too bad

Just started using this product but have tried other brands of sananga before….purchased the strongest drops so i was apprehensive…..the sting in eyes wasn’t as bad as expected….intense yet bearable….hoping to reap benefits of 21 day dieta ….

J. (San Juan, PR)
Sacred Medicine Bobinsana and Jurema

Bobinsana is a loving, strong , gentle and powerful healing and strengthening Medicine. Highly recommended.

Jurema is very strong and powerful for transcending and connecting. Highly recommended.

Sananga Eye Drops
Shirlene Fletcher (Seattle, US)
Very Reputable Product

I started ordering through Shamanic Supply after I had met Simon Scott,Kambo Practitioner. He informed me about the care that goes into this companies products and how they care for the local people. The Sananga drops are pure and help open my inner and physical vision. I would not order from anywhere else. Thank you for continuing to be mindful of the indigenous people that share their medicine.Much love and an open heart,Shirlene

Tsunu Forte
Melissa Miller (Nashville, US)
Tsunu Forte is just right

I had been afraid to try this because of the original description. I thought it would be too intense. It isn't though. Not too strong, not too bland. Just right!

Tsunu Forte
Robb S (Seattle, US)
My Favorite!

Powerful and Grounding!!!

Aleksey Kapievker (Tel Aviv, IL)
Power and spirituality

a very powerful and spiritual rapé, immediately after the ceremony of accepting this sacred rapé, an immersion into a transcendental state occurs. Very blissful and powerful Kawakaya! Aho🙏

Rosa Blanca
Elijah G (Chantilly, US)
Simply the best

Rosa Blanca is by far my favorite Hapé. Grounding with a nice gentle floral bouquet to it. I don’t wanna use any other varieties anymore.

Ayawaska Vine
Judy Young (Moncton, CA)
Aya Vine rapeh is Divine!

This rapeh is subtly strong and a beautiful medicine.

Jeffrey Bombard (Stratford, US)
Enjoyed Murici

It was easy to figure out how much to take depending on how strong of an effect I wanted. Easy on the sinus' as well.

Rosa Blanca
Anonymous (Norwich, US)
Grounding and Refreshing

A beautiful prayer and meditation aid