Wholesale Prices

Update: October 21st, 2022

Wholesale pricing is by prior agreement and is subject to availability. Please email simon@shamanicsupply.com for consideration.

Rapeh (Group A) • Price per KG is US$1418

Nukini • Nukini

Nukini • Xiti

Nukini • Onça

Nukini • Pistiany

Yawanawá •Nunu

Yawanawá • Força Feminina

Kuntanawa • Ayawaska Vine

Rapeh (Group B) • Price per KG is US$1100

All rapehs not in Group A or C

Rapeh (Group C) • Unavailable for Wholesale

Special • Osha

Apurinã • Awiry

Rapeh Wholesale Notes

Rapehs can be mixed in increments of 250 grams. It is fine to order from different groups.  For example:

250 grams Nunu (A)

500 grams Tsunu Forté (B)

250 grams Cumuru (B)

The total meets the minumum one KG requirment.  250 grams of Nunu charged at $1350/4, 500 grams of Tsunu Forté at $1100/2 and 250 grams of Cumuru at $1100/4. 

Minimum order is ONE KG.  

Sananga Eye Drops • Price per liter is $1000

Yawanawá Golden Sananga

Kuntanawa Sacred Sananga

Katukina Root Bark Sananga 

Yawanawá Golden Sananga and Kuntanawa Sacred Sananga are generally sent from Brazil. Katukina Root Bark Sananga sent from the US.

Minimum order ONE liter.

Sananga Powder • Price per KG is $1557

Make a light Sananga from Katukina Sananga Root Bark powder.

Minimum order is ONE KG.

Sangre de Grado • Price per liter is $740

Minimum order is ONE liter.

Wholesale Notes:

Wholesale prices include worldwide shipping. We ship with USPS domestically and UPS worldwide. Our wholesale pricing does not cover insurance; you may ask to add it at an additional cost.

Items stocked at your US location can be shipped immediately; items in Brazil require a 4-6 weeks lead time (from order to delivery)