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Sangre de Grado, Fragons Blood, Palo Santo

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Sangre de Grado, Fragons Blood, Palo Santo

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Shamanic Supply: The freshest Rapé, Sananga Eyedrops and Kambô sticks.

Welcome to Shamanic Supply LLC, where we strive to bring you the finest and most authentic shamanic products sourced directly from the tribes of Brazil. We have cultivated long-standing relationships with the Yawanawá, Katukina, Kaxinawa, Kuntanawa, Apurinā, and Nukini tribes of Acre, and we are committed to practicing fair trade principles to ensure our tribal partners receive equitable compensation.

Our products are ethically sourced and sustainably harvested, reflecting our deep respect for indigenous traditions and our dedication to preserving the environment. When you choose Shamanic Supply, you can trust that you are supporting ethical business practices and contributing to the preservation of ancient shamanic traditions.

Thank you for choosing Shamanic Supply LLC, and for being a part of our mission to honor and preserve the rich cultural heritage of Brazil's indigenous tribes.

Store Testimonials


I've had a great personal experience with Shamanic Supply for years and highly recommend their sacraments like Sananga and Rapeh. Great work, keep it up, and I have deep respect for the tribes who created these natural remedies. 

Víctor Jiménez


Shamanic Supply leads with integrity to provide the purest quality rapé. Their model honors the indigenous lineages that they partner with, offering fair and equitable exchanges to preserve the dignity and process of these people and their medicine.

Susan Barnes


I have only good things to share about Shamanic Supply. The quality of the information provided is thorough and feels aligned with integrity. My order was carefully packaged and arrived swiftly. As I opened each bottle, I could immediately tell that the rapé was very fresh. After sitting with each variety, I can confidently say this is the highest quality rapé I have found. In the future, I will be purchasing all my rapé from Shamanic Supply for my personal and group ceremonies.

Bryanna Antle


I have purchased from many vendors over the last five years, but Shamanic Supply is the only one I continue to use. Shamanic Supply has the highest integrity, fantastic customer support, with fast shipping. Shamanic Supply has the cleanest, most potent rapé directly from tribal sources, and they have been a beacon of light in my battle with anxiety, Covid, and Long Covid.

Anthony Burdge


Customer experience is everything. Prompt responses to my questions and diligent support are some of the reasons I continue to buy from Shamanic Supply, and their products deliver what they promise, giving me confidence in every purchase. Thank you for your commitment to quality.

Carolina Santos


I want to thank you for the awesome customer service, selection of quality products, and the business that you do!

Philip Botelho


We've been using Shamanic Supply for years and can honestly say that the quality of the rapé is exceptional. Every batch is highly consistent, is packed carefully, and arrives quickly. Simon is always available for customer support and resolves any issues immediately. Both the store and the rapés come highly recommended. 

Thomas D


I want to give a big thanks to Shamanic Supply for consistently delivering high-quality and timely Rapé and Sananga. My family friends have particularly enjoyed the Tsunu Forte for its meditational and grounding effects. We have tried a few other suppliers and have not found a better source for reliable and quality Rapé and Sananga. Much gratitude, Haux!

Kathryn Pascal


I have tried Rapé from many other sources, but the rapé from Shamanic Supply is the cleanest and most potent. Thank you so much!

Greg Bigs


I’ve been ordering from Shamanic Supply for a while now and I love it! I’ve tried rapé from all over the world and from many other stores and yours is the best!

Auschen Sullivan


Shamanic Supply is my ‘go to’ for ceremonial offerings. Over the years I have carefully used rapehs to directly experience and explore their unique effects and nuances in various settings. These nature spirits work on the subtle affecting the bodymind. To mention, I have found Mulateiro to work with sinus support (allergies), as an ally during body cleansing & subtle healing. Parica/Yopo strongest in its earth wisdom presence and Force Feminina, so far as She has revealed herself, a catalyst in taking the thought-process into sharper clairvoyance. Gratitude and big love to Shamanic Supply in offering high quality medicines and maintaining integrity with respectable tribal relations.

Grace Tepeyolotzin

Support and Respect

When you purchase these sacraments, you enter into an energetic contract with the tribes. Please show them respect, and they will treat you well. Take time away from the hustle and bustle of your life to connect with your favorite Rapé or Sananga. Remember to express your gratitude and appreciation to all those who have had a hand in creating these powerful allies, and send them your prayers.

Yawanawá Festival

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