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Deep Meditation, Activate Lucid Dreaming*

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  • Authentic Indigenous Product
  • Ancestral Wisdom
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Experience the spiritual harmony of Paricá (Parika) Rapeh, a well-balanced blend traditionally used by the Katukina tribe in ceremonies and during focused meditation or contemplation sessions. Paricá serves as a supportive spiritual ally, encouraging the study of the sacred, connection to ancestry, and the cleansing of negative thoughts.

Many individuals enjoy using Paricá before bed to enhance the depth and quality of their rest while increasing the occurrence of lucid dreaming. The Paricá (or Yopo tree) has deep-rooted connections with shamans and healers, such as the Sequani Indians of Colombia and their Yopo ceremonies.*

This Paricá rapeh is meticulously crafted by the Katukina tribe of Acre, Brazil, for our customers.


Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum), Paricá (Anadenanthera peregrina) (BRAZIL)

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Keeping Your Rapeh Fresh

Rapeh snuff can remain potent for years when kept in a cool, dry, and dark location. To maintain its quality, ensure your rapeh is tightly sealed and protected from any form of moisture. It is not recommended to store rapé in the refrigerator as condensation may form inside the container upon removal.

What is Rapeh?

Rapeh snuff, also known as rapé or hapeh, is a time-honored sacrament cherished by the tribes of the Amazon for centuries. This handcrafted preparation comprises dried, ground medicinal plants and tree ashes. Traditionally, Rapeh is administered via a unique bone or bamboo pipe, blown directly into the nostrils.

Rapeh's diverse formulations cater to a variety of uses and broadly fall into three categories: spiritual, healing, and fortifying. It is revered for its potent purifying and grounding properties, often employed to dispel negative energy, enhance concentration, and heighten consciousness. It serves as a pivotal component in sacred rituals and ceremonies, facilitating a deeper connection with the spiritual realm, fostering self-awareness, and promoting healing and growth.*

To learn more about Rapeh, visit our What is Rapeh? page.

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Customer Reviews

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Gianni (Phoenix, US)

Excellent quality and service, detailed provenance and botanical information is a huge benefit. These data really allow the consumer to build an intimate understanding of who and where they are sourcing this medicine from, in order for them to learn but also give gratitude and respect to the hearts and hands who conserve and cultivate this medicine. Highly recommended.

Ben Yoseph (Portland, US)

Suble and rich. Unique taste.