Yawanawá Rapé

Yawanawá • Bobinsana

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Yawanawá • Bobinsana Rapeh Yawanawá
Yawanawá • Bobinsana Rapeh Yawanawá

Bobinsana rapeh helps with many discomforts associated with old age; use Bobinsana when working with a loss of strength and vitality, arthritis, or inflammatory problems.

Bobinsana is also known for producing colorful and lucid dream states. Interestingly Bobinsana is often used as a secondary ingredient in Ayahuasca brews. Bobinsana is not a hallucinogen, yet shamans like to add it because it creates a spiritual connection to the plants.

Bobinsana rapeh is lovingly made for us by the Yawanawá tribe of Acre, Brazil.

Learn more about the Yawanawá Tribe. Learn more about the Ancient Art of Rapeh.

Warning: Do not use during pregnancy


Ingredients: Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum), Pau Pereira (Platycyamus regnellii), Bobinsana (Calliandra Angustifolia) (BRAZIL)

Other names: Yawanawá rapé, Yawanawá hapé, Yawanawá hapeh, Yawanawá snuff, Bobinsana rapé, Bobinsana hapé, Bobinsana hapeh, Bobinsana snuff