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What are Sananga Eye Drops?

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What is Sananga?

Sananga eye drops have become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more people are discovering their potential. Regular use of Sananga can help improve vision, intuition, clarity, mental health and overall wellbeing. Many people have also reported an enhanced sense of connection and purpose after using Sananga eye drops. Sananga is also known as a "mana heins" or "becchete". 

How do the tribes use Sananga eye drops?

Traditionally, the Matsés, Yawanawá, and Huni Kuin tribes use Sananga eye drops before going hunting. They claim that Sananga improves their ability for discerning detail and color. They also maintain that Sananga enhances their intuition, which leads to a higher success rate in finding their prey. More generally the tribes use Sananga for mental health, eyesight, and in some cases as a purgative.

How can Sananga eye drops help me?

Those taking Sananga for a period of time report many benefits centered on improved vision, perception, and general mental health.

What is "panema" and how does this affect you?

For the shaman, panema is a group of disqualified energies present in one's energy field. Harmful thoughts and emotions are accumulated from bad habits and negative thinking patterns. These 'structures' become detrimental to our overall well-being.

Panama robs us of energy and clarity, leading us to feel tired, numb, sad and disheartened; this often leads to feelings of depression. Panema is pervasive and often affects our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

How does Sananga work on panema?

Sananga removes panema. The consistent use of Sananga will clear our panema and leave us feeling lighter, livelier, and more capable. We experience an improved state of mind, perception, and intuition, which leads to greater access to spiritual insight.

Sananga helps you develop a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your higher self by helping you clear away the obstacles to connection. The tribes teach that if we want to achieve clarity, we must remove the panema from our energy fields.

How do I begin using Sananga?

Before trying Sananga, do some research on it and read about the experiences others have had using it. It's important that your trust for the Spirit of Sananga be developed, the more you can work together with this spirit, the better the results will be.

Sananga can be a strong experience for people who aren't familiar with it, so we offer three levels of Sananga eye drops. Starting out with the lightest preparation and working your way up to the medium and then the strongest will allow you to gradually increase the intensity of the experience.

Often there is a temptation to start with the strongest first, but this doesn't always lead to the best results; sometimes starting out with the lightest and building up to the medium and stronger works better.

Remember that the purpose for Sananga is to slowly chip away at your panemas, opening you up to deeper insights and spiritual connection. It's important to remember that going too fast can lead to failure.

What's the best environment for taking Sananga?

Sananga is best taken alone, in a quiet space, and when you won't get interrupted. You may want to use Palo Santo or an alternative incense to cleanse an indoor space prior to beginning. Dim the lights, draw the curtains and switch off your phone. Prepare a comfortable place to work, lying down is often best and have a notebook handy, and tissues in case you need to release.

How do I apply Sananga eye drops?

First you must remove your contact lenses, if you use them. You can start by asking someone to apply one drop in both eyes; lie down and hold your eyes open for them. Remember that soon after the first drops enter your eye, you might feel an urge to close both eyes. This is why it is best to hold open your eyes for the person applying.

If you choose to work alone, you may apply in one of two ways while lying down:

  • a/ Hold open your eye and apply one drop, then quickly move to the second eye and repeat; this takes practice and is best for the more experienced.


    b/ Close both eyes and apply one drop to the corner of each eye:

  • 1/ Shake your Sananga well,

    2/ Remove contact lenses,

    3/ Lie down,

    4/ Close your eyes,

    5/ Place one drop in the corner of each eye by your tear duct,

    6/ Open your eyes, and the Sananga will enter each eye.

Self-application of Sananga eye drops
  • Self-application becomes easy with practice

After I apply the Sananga, how long will it last?

After applying light Sananga, you can expect to work with it for 5-10 minutes, whereas the medium and strong Sananga usually requires 20-30 minutes.

Phases of the Sananga Ritual

1/ Application

When applied to the eyes, Sananga is often accompanied by a stinging sensation. Some people compare it with getting chili powder in their eye; starting with a light Sananga and working up to a stronger one is advised.

2/ Work with your breath

Because shamanic medicines involve active participation, they can be challenging for some people. You may feel some discomfort when you first start using Sananga, but this will subside over time. Often beginners may ask, "Why did I do this?" But the answer is simple: You need it.

Sananga is both beautiful and gentle. Remember that resistance amplifies discomfort. Therefore, the level of uneasiness you feel often reflects your ability to release. Once you understand this idea, it becomes liberating. Taking Sananga becomes enjoyable.

So, if you're just starting out, here's some advise. Let Sananga work by staying clear of any internal drama and by focusing on your breathing. If you focus on your breathing, you'll be able to relax and let go of any discomfort.

Don't open your eyes too soon when using Sananga. Wait until it becomes obvious and natural to do so. After the sting subsides, there might be a period of great joy and relaxation. You might even cry hot tears. Don't miss this opportunity to get even more out your process by opening your eyes too soon.

3/ Insight

Now comes your Savasana, your time for deep relaxation and introspection; use this time wisely, stay focussed on your breath; see if anything comes up for you without clinging to any one thought.

4/ Prayer

It's always good to thank the higher powers for any insights you receive and to offer prayers of gratitude to the people and plants associated with your Sananga.

5/ Documentation 

Record your insights. Documenting your progress on paper can often lead to further realiziations.

Post Sananga Care

You may find that after working with Sananga you're more sensitive to light and noise than before. This sensitivity usually lasts for a short period of time, but can be quite significant. Please be careful not to open the curtains on a sunny afternoon or switch on loud music unless you're certain that the effects have subsided.

How often can I apply Sananga eye drops?

Use Sananga for a period and then take time off. You might choose to apply them five days a week, or three weeks on and one week off. The idea is to have rest intervals for integration. Don't apply more than once per day unless you're using the lightest of Sanangas.

The Benefits of Sananga Eyedrops

Fresh Sananga Eyedrops

Enhanced Perception

  • Regular use of Sananga helps strengthen our physical and spiritual vision. We experience improved color and detail perception, enhanced night vision, and greater insight.
Fresh Sananga Eye Drops


  • Sananga removes the mental, spiritual, and physical ailments caused by negative energies. Sananga helps us restore balance by harmonizing the three bodies.
Sananga Eye Health


  • Once you harmonize the three bodies (physical, emotional, mental), you can find a stronger sense of inner guidance. In time this leads to the dissolution of ego and a real sense of belonging.
Sananga Benefits

Improved Eye Health

  • Sananga helps relieve redness and eye irritation, and refreshes tired eyes. Aids in the prevent­ion of eye diseases such as glau­coma, cataract, farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism.

Sourcing Sananga Eye Drops

Shamanic medicine is an ancient form of healing that draws on energies from both the plant spirits and the medicine makers. To get the best results, purchase from a reputable medicine maker that knows these energies well.

Our Sananga is produced in Acre, Brazil by the Shaman of the Katukina, Kuntanawa, and Yawana̱wá tribes. They're well versed in herbal medicine, and they know how best to use plants for their physical and spiritual properties. The shaman's energy is contained in the Sananga and is a necessary ingredient for the Sananga to be truly healing.

We support traditional medicine makers by helping them to preserve their culture. Please be discerning about the lineage and pedigree of your Sananga maker; this will serve you greatly.

Sananga Plant, Tabernaemontana sananho
  • Illustration of Tabernaemontana sananho

Sananga Eye Drops FAQ

Which Sananga should I choose?

To ensure the best experience with our products, we recommend starting with our lighter Kuntanawa Root Bark Sananga and gradually progressing to our medium strength Kuntanawa Sacred Sananga. Once you're comfortable with the effects of the medium strength product, you can move on to our stronger Yawanawá Golden Sananga. This step-by-step approach allows your body to acclimate to the unique qualities of each product, resulting in a more effective outcome.

Can I use Sananga everyday?

A strong Sananga can be taken once a day and a lighter Sanana can be taken more frequently. The tribes advise taking short breaks so that your body doesn't get used to the benefits of Sananga and for its integration.

What's the best time to use my Sananga?

The best time to take Sananga is when you're not going to be disturbed for 20- 30 minutes. It is important to rest and relax after Sananga, and integrate your experience.

Is Sananga psychoactive?

Sananga is not psychoactive, but there is an alkaloid connection between members of the Apocynaceae species. People assume that because Tabernanthe iboga (iboga) is psychoactive, Sananga (made from Tabernaemontana undulata) is also.

Is Sananga legal in the US?

Sananga is not a psychedelic drug and is legal in the United States. There is no evidence that Sananga is illegal or a controlled substance anywhere in the world.

Sananga Eye Drops Risks?

Many of our customers use Sananga eye drops for long periods of time. We have not received any complaints regarding this product. Please consult an ophthalmologist if you're in doubt.

Can I dilute my Sananga?

If you are overly sensitive or choose a lighter experience start your journey with our Root Bark Sananga. If you purchased a stronger Sananga, you might dilute your Sananga with a sterile saline preparation or colloidal silver solution.

How long does Sananga last?

We receive regular shipments, so your Sananga will be fresh by the time you receive it. Expect your Sananga to last up to 4 months in the refrigerator. Please do not freeze it. We send out an automated reminder email four months after your purchase ;-)

Can I travel with my Sananga?

You may travel with sanangas, but you must obey the rules about carrying liquids on board. When traveling, try to keep Sananga cool and out from direct sunlight.

What is Sananga made of?

What is Tabernaemontana undulta?

Our Sananga is made from plant root shavings of Tabernaemontana sananho or Tabernaemontana undulta (depending on the tribe). 

Sananga side effects

We've had no complaints from our customers about any unwanted side effects when they use our Sananga eye drops. After Sananga, sometimes the eyes will clear up, resulting in crusty stuff around the eyes when you wake up. Eye cleansing occurs rarely and is not considered undesirable.

Sananga Cautions

  • Keep refrigerated
  • Dispose of after 4 months
  • Shake well before use
  • Remove contact lenses
  • When giving to another, prepare them well before applying for the first time
  • Do not take every day; take breaks to allow integration

Sananga Eye Drops Reviews

What our customers are saying about Sananga

This Sananga is the best stuff I've ever tried. Leaves you feeling re-energized and cleansed to the deepest parts of your soul. I would call their stuff top shelf.

Wyatt Buchanan

Historically I suffer from poor eyesight, but a recent eye exam showed my vision had slightly improved after using Sananga. I often use it before driving in the dark as Sananga helps me to drive more safely. I can see more and react more quickly to the local deer. These drops are a lifesaver.

Amy Garrett

Thank you! I've been working with your light and medium Sanangas for the past month. I'm noticing many benefits! I'm able to see my habitual illusions much more clearly and release old stuck emotions.

Jared Green


I am blown away by the power of Sananga. I've been using these eye drops for about 70 days. I suffer from light sensitivity, migraines, and astigmatism. My Sananga has helped me see more clearly, feel calmer and, helped me to work on other issues previously unseen.

I continue to recommend Sananga after what it has done for myself and others. I'm so thankful to have found this medicine. ❤

Bethany MacLean


Sananga, when used properly, provides what I call an 'adjustment.' Much like a chiropractor adjusting your spine, Sananga provides an adjustment of the heart, mind, and soul. 

Shamanic Supply provides authentic quality Sananga and, I am satisfied with the accuracy of the various blends and their attributes. These are excellent products. 

Randy Vanadisson



Wow! Sananga cleared my third eye and helped me with my allergies! I live in Florida and, pollen can get heavy. Since using Sananga, my thoughts have been more coherent and no eye buggies. 

Teresa Mitchell


Kuntanawa sananga helps to remove the barriers which prevent individuals from going deeper and releasing. I use it during healing ceremonies and, I wish to thank you for making such sacred medicine available in a good way; this sananga is of the highest vibration.

Tina Compton


Sananga eye drops have helped my overall health and my vision. Objects are more focused, mind more at ease, and energetic after the euphoric sensation of administering the drops. 

Noah Gray


Sananga eye drops have changed my life for the better. They have helped with my period cramping, headaches, vision, and anxiety. I can feel the intention and love poured into these drops. I highly recommend them!!

Stephanie Charbonneau


I first encountered Sananga eye drops in a Kambô ceremony; I immediately knew I had met an ally medicine. Sananga allows me to drop into my body and fully relax, and after the session, my eyes feel clear and vibrant. Thank you! 

Karen Karnatz


Golden Sananga has proven very beneficial; I can now see things with clarity and detail. My brain fog has lifted and, I can focus again. Allergies have gone away. I am so thankful for Shamanic Supply.

Vernedes Bell


Sananga eye drops have opened up the channels of my body and even released the sinus pressure I used to feel. Sananga helped with a negative mood pattern and redirected me to a higher vibration. Most of all, it relaxes me and puts me in a better state of mind. 

Tiffany Ayers


Sananga eye drops strengthen my spirit and ground me. Working with them helps me to process energy through my body, mind, and spirit. They have also been beneficial for working through fear and resistance. I am grateful to the communities who create this medicine.

Tiffany Celeste


Sananga eye drops are genuinely remarkable for my vision and how I look at the world. I highly recommend Sananga from Shamanic Supply.

Chantal W.


These Sananga eye drops are stellar! Sananga clears my mental fog and brings clarity and intuition into laser-sharp focus.

Nate Lennon 


Sananga has a bite that teaches me to breathe, let go, and embrace the light burning away the darkness. The description here is correct in that success depends on set and setting, and intent. Lean into it, and much will be revealed and released.

Ron Salimao 


Sananga has enhanced how I see things both physically and intuitively. In conjunction with rapé, sananga eye drops have helped bring forward truths which I was suppressing. After my son singed his cornea, he experienced prominent healing on a physical, mental, emotional and, spiritual level. I am honored and have the highest gratitude of the tribes who forage, create, and bless these medicines. I highly recommend Shamanic Supply for its ethical approach and genuine offerings. 

Stacey L. Forend



Sananga is one of my most respected ceremonial medicines. My intuition and perception are fine-tuned by its potent energy, a great ally when faced with important life decisions.

Melissa Tully


After using Sananga eye drops, my nervous system becomes electrified. I experience more grounding, clarity and my heart feels more open to the present moment. With gratitude, I thank thee.

Gene Holden


Typically I need my glasses to read the thermostat, but after using Sananga for about two weeks daily, I could read it without them. I have not had this "naked eye" ability in years. Giving these Sananga eye drops a 5-star rating.

Anita Glenn-Reller


I have much gratitude for Sananga medicine. In the last three years, Sananga has taught me how to open up to life in a whole new way.

This beautiful medicine is powerful and has revealed many things to me! Highly Recommended. 

Tyrone Morales


Our journey with Sananga has allowed us to gain access to a place beyond the tumult of mind. The golden drops powerfully connect us with the heart and liberate us most deeply. Sananga allows peace and clarity to emerge from the chaos of life. Sananga helps us to align, to slide deeper into the soft, tender present.

Bruce Marshall & Jeanine Weir


Wow!! Sananga eye drops are exhilarating; my vision was crystal clear after the initial few minutes of healing. My favorite effect was the sweating; I released a lot of toxins an hour after I applied Sananga. My friend tried some and said he felt like his vision improved from the first application - a good product and intensely exhilarating.

Micah Baca


Daily use of Sananga has been a game changer for me. Whenever I'm feeling stuck, and do Sananga, I immediately feel release and clarity

Paige Clancy

The founder of Shamanic Supply has a lot of integrity and knows a lot about the plant medicine world. He is also very grounded and ethical. As a result, his products are some of the purest I’ve tried. And I’ve also found his products very grounding.
I found his Sananga eye drops to be very pure. The pain sensation from the Sananga, while intense, is tolerable, and I felt a sense of clarity immediately after using it. They are excellent for meditation and grounding. 

Lana L


I highly recommend Shamanic Supply's Golden Sananga eye drops. I have tried Sananga from other vendors and even made them myself, but these eye drops are superior. Shamanic Supply also provides top-notch Hapé with fast shipping!



Thank you for what you do :-) Your sananga offerings have been so healing for me.

Michael Kai

Recently tried the Golden Sananga and experienced intense but rewarding sensations. I feel lighter and cleaned of internal strife, and I'm curious about its potential for PTSD relief.

Pete A.

Fresh Sananga, Light, Medium and Strong