Rapeh Reviews (Hapeh, Rapé, Hape)

What our customers are saying about our Rapeh*
Sananga Eye Drops Plant

Rapeh has been one of the most transformational and potent tools in my evolution. rapeh has centered me and aligned my energy, opening my sensitivity to the powers of nature, the messages in my dreams, and to my own body.

I have tried rapeh from many other sources, but the rapeh from Shamanic Supply is the cleanest and most potent. Thank you so much!

Greg Bigs

Katukina Paricá rapeh has been an ally in sharpening my intuition and clearing out my mental clutter; this helps me settle into deep meditation with ease. Since my first order of Paricá, the consistency has been great! I appreciate the quality of the rapehs you supply. 


Shamanic Supply offers numerous divine rapehs, many of which I have tried. My current favorite is Kaxinawá Seven herbs which I find powerful and expansive. I also love Katukina Sananga rapeh which is great for clarity and enhanced inner vision.

Natalie Houston

Yawanawá Tsunu Forte rapeh is my favorite strong rapeh; it is excellent for clearing and grounding. Tsunu Forte brings me back into the moment; I love it! 

Dinka Bojanova

I have been working with rapeh for over two years, and it has been central to my ascension process. Katukina Jurema has had a positive impact on my meditation time. Kuntanawa Tipi has helped clear many sub-conscious blocks. Kuntanawa Mukaraka has helped with intimacy and raising my kundalini during sex. 

Gene Aikens

Katukina Jurema is the rapeh I love using during inner work and in combination with other plant medicines. It has helped me establish a closer and stronger connection with the spirit world; I can now sense my spirit guides love frequency in the present moment.

Francisco Gayosso

Katukina Chica rapeh is my absolute favorite with its well-balanced and spicy-sweet taste, almost like raw jungle honey. Chica rapeh delivers a warm and steady push that lasts for many hours; after taking Chica conversation and humor appear naturally. My work with Katukina Chica rapeh feels like a rebalancing and cleansing.

Darcy Strutt

Rapeh has allowed me to see the many aspects of my unconscious, ground more deeply, and connect with my body. Yawanawá Tsunu Forte rapeh went further; it facilitated a connection with the celestial dimension through which I can find clear guidance. Yawanawá Tsunu Forte has rewarded me with moments of bliss and released blocks to my relationship with the divine. My life is more prosperous with Tsunu Forte; I am further down the road of my journey towards enlightenment.

Vaughn Gray

love the Tsuni rapeh from Shamanic Supply. It has a powerful clearing effect. It helps me stay in the moment and shakes off unwanted energies quickly. 

Leah Dawn

I use Kuntanawa Louro rapeh for my back pain. Not only is it effective in relieving my pain, but it also grounds me. Even though my back has healed, I continue to use Louro; I have added other varieties for meditation and connection to spirit.

Juls Makabee

Yawanawá Tsunu Forte rapeh has been an incredible teacher in grounding, centering my energy, and breathing into every fiber of my being. This powerful rapeh helps me to focus and come into alignment. 

Megan Katherine

After working with Kuntanawa Ayawaska rapeh. I noticed being more 'present,' almost as if I were in a ritual or meditation.

Les Thornton

The Katukina Cacau rapeh connects me to my higher self and makes it easier to show myself the love I often forget throughout daily life.

It’s also highly grounding and gets me out of my head and into my heart. 

Suzy Baker

I find Shamanic Supply's rare Osha rapeh to be very special. It is mild on administration but effective in results; it helped me clear my head and uplift my sense of well-being.

Marco Leclerc

I am a daily user of Katukina Murici rapeh, which is my saving grace. The insights gained from this plant teacher are invaluable! It helps me shake off and integrate anxiety, fear, uncomfortable emotions, and negative energies. I feel empowered knowing that I have a friend to turn to when I need support. Thank you!

Melissa Mauselle

Yawanawá Tsunu Forte rapeh has been an excellent conduit for meditation, introspection, and lucid dreaming. With the help of Tsunu Forte, I have been able to transmute much of my suffering into compassion.

I am grateful to the wisdom of indigenous peoples and their blessings to help me grow stronger through some of life’s inevitable adversity.

Gavin Stevens

I have explored many types of rapeh, but my favorite is Yawanawá Tsunu Forte. During meditation, Tsunu Forte grounds my energy and finds a solid connection; it is helping me to heal my inner self!

Eduardo Collado-Zamarron

After trying many different varieties of rapeh, I have found the Nukini's Nukini rapeh to produce profound results in my daily meditation. Nukini rapeh helps me focus my mind and have clear intentions and results in my personal and professional life. Om Namah Shivaya.

Willie Armstrong

Customer testimonials provide authentic insight into their experiences; however, please note that individual results can vary considerably. If you have any uncertainties about beginning your journey with Rapeh, we strongly recommend consulting a medical professional.