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Sananga Eye Drops

Sananga Eye Drops

Soothing: For gentle clarity*

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  • Authentic Indigenous Product
  • Ancestral Wisdom
  • Natural and Handcrafted

Sourced directly from the Katukina tribe in Acre, Brazil, this 'soothing' Sananga eyedrop formulation is renowned for its gentleness. It is the ideal choice for beginners or for those intending to use Sananga more than once daily.

Sananga, sometimes referred to as Amazonian Eye Drops, is appreciated for its potential to foster a clear mind and promote inner calmness. Users often report that it helps dispel unwanted energies, leading to a refreshed perspective, improved focus, and an invigorated sensory experience.*

Important: Our Sananga is crafted using authentic Tabernaemontana sananho, the traditional plant favored by indigenous tribes. This ensures the highest quality and effectiveness, distinguishing our product from those using Tabernaemontana undulata, commonly referred to as 'false sananga' in Brazil.

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Water, Sananga (Root & Bark of Tabernaemontana sananho) & preservative Nano-Colloidal Silver.

Related Names

Bëcchëte, Mana Heins, Kanapa Vêtxexeni, Milkwood, Uchu Sanango, Sananguero, Lobo Sanango, Amazonian Eye drops

Keeping Your Sananga Fresh

To maintain optimal freshness and potency: Store your Sananga in the refrigerator. For quality assurance, please use or discard the product within four months of opening.

Prior to Use

Before use, ensure a thorough shaking of the Sananga eye drop to counteract any potential settling. Always remember to remove your contact lenses first.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Real Medicine

The Sananga soothing eye drops feel fresh & potent...i can feel the medicinal effects throughout my system; physical emotional & psychically, nuanced and deep healing. thank you for bridging & bringing these medicines. Much love,

Ryan Oman (Saint Augustine, US)
Exactly what I needed

I purchased my first sananga eyedrops from Shamanic Supply over a year ago and I absolutely loved them. Sadly, sananga does not last forever. Now that I have my new supply, I am quickly remembering how effective and clearing fresh sananga can be. I am so grateful to have a resource like Shamanic Supply that I can depend on for plant medicines.

Michael Cooney (Brooklyn, US)
Worth the Pain

I'm on my second bottle of "soothing" Sananga, and have been using it almost daily since early September. Despite thinking I was going to die and/or my eyeballs were being totally destroyed on the first dose, I stuck with it and glad I did. The medicine is powerful and each time I use it I can feel it clearing out old stuck energy. As my relationship with it builds, the initial pain has lessened dramatically (still nowhere close to "soothing", but perhaps one day). Also, I have early stage glaucoma and my eye pressure at my last exam was the lowest it's ever been, well within the "normal" range, which is very exciting. This is definitely not for everyone, but I would highly recommend giving it a try.

Scott Ho (Whittier, US)

Sananga Eye Drops

Lorri Espinosa (Denver, US)
Great Products for Spiritual Preparation

I love Shamanic Supply. All of their Rapeh and Sananga products have been helpful in my spiritual journey and I can get them quickly and easily. I also love the great descriptions and knowing that I am getting them from the tribal people who truly know and work with the spirit and nature of each plant. Thank you.

Randy V (Los Angeles, US)
Subtle - right to the heart chakra.

This is a sweet Sananga, gentle and effective. I've been using it daily for almost two weeks now, and it is having a wonderful effect. The heart is open, and one only needs to quiet both external and internal noise to feel the medicine working through you. I love this.

Kathleen McBride (Houston, US)

Sananga Eye Drops

Ella (Miami, US)
Sananga is Amazing!

Sananga is amazing. I use the soft Sananga daily and have been for several weeks now. I find it very clearing on an energetic level, and generally feel very grounded after its use. I will be ordering again from Shamanic Supply

M Genis (Canoga Park, US)
Excellent available products

Thank you for sourcing incredible and effective products whilst helping to sustain life of the tribal peoples. This is one of those noble outfits that actually does the right things whilst bringing indigenous offerings to the marketplace ethically. Every one of their offerings is potent and pure in my experience... Thank you Shamanic Supply

Dedrick Muhammad (Metairie, US)
New Customer

I've been using it for a month now and the ability to see light a little better has returned. I'm going to keep using it with the expectation to see more.