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Kuntanawa Tipi - Rapé / Shamanicsupply.com
Kuntanawa Kawarani - Rapé / Shamanicsupply.com
Kuntanawa Kawarani - Rapé / Shamanicsupply.com

Tipi is the most powerful rapé that the Kuntanawa make.  It is quite special and used to clear serious Panema (blocks) and according to the Kuntanawa to expel demons.   

It is often considered an ally when dealing with spiritual diseases that leave a person disoriented with life.

There are many folks selling imitation rapé, but this is the genuine article. Kawarani rapé is made under the supervision of Haru Kuntanawa the tribal leader at the kuntamanã village and sent directly to us.  

For more information on rapé, please read my rapé page.

Ingredients: rapé and tipi flower (BRAZIL)


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