Katukina • Bashawa

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Katukina Bashawa - Rapeh / shamanicsupply.com

Bashawa rapeh has intense energy and vibration; it opens up our intuition and cognitive functions, thus increasing our clarity of thought and focus. Consider Bashawa rapeh an excellent study aid and ally when needing enhanced intuition. 

Bashawa rapeh is lovingly made for us by the Katukina tribe of Acre, Brazil. 

Learn more about the Katukina Tribe. Learn more about the Ancient Art of Rapeh.


Ingredients: Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum), Bashawa (Jatrofa multifida), Pau Pereira (Platycyamus regnellii) (BRAZIL)

Other names: Katukina rapé, Katukina hapé, Katukina hapeh, Katukina snuff, Bashawa rapé, Bashawa hapé, Bashawa hapeh, Bashawa snuff