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Katukina Cacau - Rapé / Shamanicsupply.com
Katukina Cacau - Rapé / Shamanicsupply.com
Katukina Cacau - Rapé / Shamanicsupply.com

This strong, dark and pungent rapé is made in small batches by the Katukina tribe. 

Cacau (Cocoa) contains theobromine.  The name theobromine is derived from Theobroma, the name of the genus of the cacao tree (which itself is made up of the Greek roots theo ("god") and broma ("food"), meaning "food of the gods"

Please read up on the therapeutic uses of Cacau before purchasing this rapé.

There are so many folks selling imitations, but this is not one of them, this rapé is sent directly from the Katukina tribe who lovingly make it in the Acre region of Brazil. 

For more information on rapé, please read my rapé page.

Ingredients: Rapé with Cacau (BRAZIL)


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