Collection: Popular Rapeh

Discover our top-rated Rapeh collection (also known as Hapeh or Rapé), ethically and sustainably sourced from Amazonian tribes including Kutukina, Kuntanawa, Yawanawá, Nukini, and Apurinā. Each unique Rapeh blend echoes its individual properties and carries the weight of rich ancestral wisdom. Venture deeper into our extensive range of over 50 varieties, uncovering specialized blends like Paricá, Bobinsana, and Mugwort on our main Rapeh collection page. To broaden your understanding, delve into our insightful articles 'What is Rapeh' and 'The Ancient Art of Rapeh'.
Looking for a Kuripe Pipe to administer Rapeh? Check out our Wooden Kuripes and Bamboo Kuripes.