Collection: Tribal Rapé (Rapeh) Collection

Explore the depth of our tribal rapé collection, also known as rapeh or hapé medicine, selectively sourced from indigenous Amazonian tribes, including the Katukina, Kuntanawa, Yawanawá, Huni Kuin, Nukini, and Apurinã

Each rapé blend echoes its unique heritage and ancestral wisdom, offering distinct characteristics and effects. Explore over 60 varieties, featuring customer favorites like Tsunu Forte, Força Feminina and Ayawaska blends.

Immerse yourself in the ancient tradition and profound journey of rapé - learn more through our insightful articles 'What is Rapé?' and 'The Ancient Art of Rapé,' as well as our customer rapé reviews.

Looking for a Kuripe Pipe to administer rapé? Check out our Wooden Kuripes and Bamboo Kuripes.

Rapé (Rapeh) FAQ

What exactly is rapé or rapeh?

Rapé is a traditional medicine with a long history of use by indigenous tribes in South America.

What is the purpose of rapé?

Rapé can serve many purposes, depending on its type and how it is administered. Its use might simply be to unwind and relax, to relieve pain, or to address more serious issues such as removing disparate energies from a person.

What is rapé made of?

Generally, rapé contains a type of tobacco that is dried and finely ground, combined with the ash from a herb, plant, or tree. For example, Katukina Cacau is made with organic tobacco and the ash from actual cacao seeds. However, not all rapé contains tobacco.

Why does some rapé feel so harsh?

Good quality rapé, although strong, should not feel harsh. Rapé made with poor, mass-produced tobacco such as Mapacho often feels harsh and sickly. The rapé made by our partner tribes does not use this kind of tobacco; instead, they use a softer and often homegrown variety.

What are Healing, Fortifying, and Spiritual rapés?

In an attempt to help you with your choice, we have categorized our rapés as Healing, Fortifying, or Spiritual. These general categories loosely relate to the rapé's main use.

When do I choose a Healing rapé?

Do you have a specific issue, such as anxiety or pain? Then browse the Healing rapé category for something that may help you.

When do I choose a Fortifying rapé?

Think of a fortifying rapé as one that supports you rather than fixing something; an example would be a rapé that quiets the thoughts and creates a feeling of relaxation.

When do I choose a Spiritual rapé?

If you are interested in meditation or being contemplative in nature, then a rapé in this category would be a good choice.

Katukina rapé being hand-sieved during its production.
Katukina rapé being hand-sieved during its production.